24 Aug 2014

Essential Windows Softwares

I earn my bread and butter by working as a computer technician and I have to on daily basis install Windows on my client's computers. Windows in it's default installation lacks many essential softwares for day-to-day computing tasks. I used to have a DVD containing all the essential softwares and recently that DVD got broken by an accident. Burning a new DVD became necessary and I went on the hunt for the set of softwares which are essential after a fresh Windows install. My criteria was simple. Choose the softwares which are open source and only include closed source softwares when there is no viable open source alternative available.
Here I share with you my list of essential Windows softwares. This list will be useful for anyone who has just installed Windows or bought a new computer. This will also benefit those who are looking for open source or free alternatives to commercial and proprietary softwares. Clicking on the name will take you to the homepage of the software.





As usual comments, suggestions, critique are welcome!


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