26 May 2013

hakbak - Ultimate file backup tool for Linux


Yesterday i decided to play with my conky configuration file. I edited it and then saved it. Today when i ran conky somehow i didn't like it. It wasn't looking as good as my old configuration. Now here comes the problem! I just can't seem to get the current config to look like the old one! I have forgotten what changes i made yesterday! Damn!
Fortunately it was just a conky configuration file. what if it was some system file? I would have broken my system. What if it was some important work file? That would have been disaster!
This kind of disaster can happen to anybody and everybody who sometime or other edits their files. It happens to the best of us. A simple thing can prevent such a disaster from happening. You may ask what is that?
That simple thing is create a backup copy of file every time before opening it. But implementation of this practice is not easy! Stress, hurry or plain old silly moment and "Hell! I forgot to backup the damn thing!" Disaster!!!

9 May 2013

NetChecker is now available on SOFTPEDIA

Exciting news as NetChecker is now available on softpedia. They have tested NetChecker and issued 100% clean award.

Feel free to visit NetChecker on softpedia,


1 May 2013

NetChecker is now available on FreewareFiles.com

NetChecker is now also available on FreewareFiles.com! They have also hosted NetChecker setup file on their mirror! I want to thank FreewareFiles.com for hosting NetChecker.
NetChecker on FreewareFiles,