4 Dec 2013

Enable Numlock on bootup in GDM, LightDM and LXDM

GDM :-

First you'll have to install package 'numlockx'. It is available in the repositories of almost every Linux distribution. After you have installed 'numlockx' package open the following file as root in your favorite text editor,


1 Dec 2013

A nice looking and useful bash PS1 prompt

It's been a while since I blogged anything. Getting lazier. Anyways the folks who use Linux and/or Mac are familiar with Bash. It's the default shell in most of the Linux distributions and Mac. And the folks who use these operating systems also know the power of working in the terminal. And the prompt you see whenever you open the terminal is controlled by PS1. Most of the time the default prompt is, let's face it, boring. Today I'm gonna give you a nice, colorful, two lined prompt that also displays the exit status of the last command. Exit status means whether the command failed or succeeded.