15 Jun 2014

live score of 2014 FIFA football world cup in linux terminal

The FIFA football World Cup 2014 is underway in Brazil. Most people will be glued to their television sets during the matches all over the world. But there are many people who won't be able to watch it on telly for various reasons. If you are one of them and you are tied to your computer but want to keep an eye on live score of the FIFA footbal World Cup 2014 matches then worry not.

You can get the live score of ongoing match in Linux terminal even with a lousy and slow internet connection. All you'll need for this is w3m. It is a text-based browser and pager utility. w3m is available in the repositories of almost every Linux distribution. So install it via your package manager. For example if you are running Debian-Ubuntu based distribution then,

apt-get install w3m

If you happen to be using Fedora-RedHat based distribution then,

yum install w3m

Users of Arch and it's derivatives can install it like this,

pacman -S w3m

OpenSUSE users can get it via zypper,

zypper install w3m

Gentoo-Funtoo users can emerge it,

emerge www-client/w3m

Mageia and OpenMandriva users can install it like this,

urpmi install w3m

After you have installed w3m just run the following command in terminal to get the live score of on going match. It will auto refresh the score every 10 seconds. So just let it running and you will get the updated score in your terminal.

watch -n10 --no-title "w3m http://www.livescore.com/ | egrep 'live [0-9H]+[^ ]'"

Proof of the pudding,

Enjoy 2014 FIFA footbal World Cup in Brazil!


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