1 Feb 2013

How to hide secret messages in images & photos

Do you want to send a love letter to your lover or want to send some sensitive information and want this love letter or information to remain secret and hidden so other persons like father of your girlfriend or business-office rival can't see your message? Today i will show you how to do this without any software. For example there is a message hidden in the image below

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I've chosen the image of Krishna-Radha deliberately as the message hidden in the image is a message of love! Can you see the message in the image?!?
Well of course you can't see the message, no one can! It's relatively easy to embed message in image. Here's how to do it,
I've an image of Lord Krishna in my 'pictures' folder in my home directory and i want to hide a secret love letter in that image. We need to know the name of the image and in my case the name is 'krishna1.jpg'. Open your favorite terminal emulator and cd to the directory that contains the image. for this example the image 'krishna1.jpg' is inside directory 'pictures'
cd pictures
Run the following command and replace 'krishna1.jpg' with the name of your image and 'krishna2.jpg' with any file name you wish
cat krishna1.jpg -> krishna2.jpg
Hit Enter and your terminal cursor will start blinking and you can start typing your message here and when you have finished writing it press 'Ctrl+D' on your keyboard to finish the process. You will now have a new image containing hidden message in your working directory like for example after running the above command i have 'krishna2.jpg' inside my 'pictures' folder. you can share-send this image without worrying about anyone seeing the message hidden inside it. It will open normally like any-other image in image viewer. But how can your lover for example read the message hidden inside the image?!? it's easy, tell her to save the image to her home directory and run the following command in terminal
tail krishna2.jpg
Of-course replace the 'krishna2.jpg' in the above command with the name of your image. And in terminal the outcome of the above command will show your message like this

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

You can clearly see the hidden message at the bottom of the terminal.

Okay Okay all you Windows users! I can understand  your feelings! You can't do this in Windows! Sorry! This is another reason for you to install Linux. Linux has become very very easy now a days and i would say that out of box it is easier and friendlier than Windows. And you don't even have to remove Windows to install Linux. Linux will reside happily beside your Windows! I suggest you to install either Linux Mint or SalixOS. You can't go wrong with any of them. But how would my girlfriend decode the image i hear you say! First install Linux on your PC and then you can pretend to be a Linux geek and help your girlfriend to install Linux on her computer, this will make you look smart to her and who knows it might even help you make a good impression on her father!

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